Welcome to Indonesia. Are you looking for Information about a Car Rent from Jakarta to Jogjakarta that can take you around both the city of Jakarta and Jogjakarta? We are ready to take you and your entourage around the city of Jakarta and Jogjakarta with Car Rent from Jakarta to Jogjakarta Package Program. Don’t spend more your money just to hire a guide, because our driver spoke in English well. they are ready to assist your transportation needs during the trip in Jakarta and Jogjakarta as well as a guide. They have good knowledge about the roads in Jakarta and Jogjakarta. They also understand how to read GPS. Thus you do not need to worry about not arriving at the destination you want. Globe Transport Provider is a reliable car rental service provider in Jakarta who has experience serving international events such as the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung, serve state guests and following coverage of international TV journalist. So do not doubt the ability of our driver. We also serve dropoff from Soekarno Hatta or Halim Perdana Kusuma airport and drive you to Jogjakarta. Traveling to Jogjakarta by road with rental car has a special sensation, which is not obtained when you use flights, trains or public buses. Watching people’s lives up close and enjoying the beautiful landscape of indonesia directly is an unforgettable pleasure. You will pass through several areas that have different cultures. You will pass a cultured society of Sundanese and Javanese cultured society. All you can find just by using a rental car. You are also free to stop in the areas you want during the trip, you can also enjoy local food. Clearly going from Jakarta to Jogjakarta by car rental is something different and a good idea. In addition to the above reasons to go to Yogyakarta by car rental, there are 11 reasons again, Why Choose Car Rental Services From Jakarta To Jogjakarta in GLOBE TRANSPORT PROVIDER! There are various type of car. We own a couple of fleet capacity from large to small. Alphard, Vellfire, Hyundai H1, Hiace, Elf included in the category of cars with large capacity. While Innova, Terios Avanza are the cars with small capacity. We also prepare Bus and Mini Bus for extra large capacity. Luxury Car Interior. In addition to relief cabin space, the interior design is quite luxurious, it is important to maintain the reliability of your company, or just so you can enjoy the ride. Car Engine Manicured. All we got the car fleet maintenance periodically to maintain customer comfort during the trip. Additionally in order to ensure customers arrive at their destination without any obstacles in the way, Suspension Squishy. In addition to the car’s suspension mesinperawatan treatments also come to our attention. With excellent car suspension, the customer will not feel tired on the way. Double Blower AC. And if the weather on the day we traveled quite hot, AC Double Blower installed on all of our car fleet can handle it. AC conditions are always maintained 2 blower front and center giving flat coolness to the most rear cabin, so while it will stay fresh until the destination. Multimedia. With 5 mini LCD on the front mid and back up the Hyundai H1 car during the trip seemed to be at home. The atmosphere was relaxed and full kekluargaan with the group will increase familiarity. You can play the films on the CD that you bring from home, or a request to father a driver who accompany you and your entourage to travel comfortably pass. Free WIFI. Vitur is our pride. Our pioneering car rental service with free wifi during a trip in Jakarta. You can then browse, chat, googling, etc. and still terhung during your journey to the destination. We present vitur deliberately to give more value to our loyal customers in order to remain able to communicate with the outside world such as: colleagues, relatives, and friends. We know you are an important person who must always be connected with the rest of the network business and your relationship all the time. Professional Driver. The crew drivers we recruit have a very good reputation. We are experienced in handling international events in Jakarta and Bandung, such as: hosting delegates from member countries of the Asian-African Conference, and China’s parliamentary delegation. Our driver also speaks English, you definitely enjoy their hospitality. Our driver crew is also very familiar with the route from Jakarta to the cities across Java, Bali. They also understand how to read GPS-based applications, such as Google maps and Waze. Cleanliness is always maintained. Comfort during travel is our priority and one form the comfort of our services. With the atmosphere was always clean your trip will increasingly be fun. The integrated ticket service. We are also ready to assist the purchase of air tickets, Railways and hotels for customers. If you want, you can menambil car rental packages Jakarta to Jogjakarta (including hotels and accommodation). You can message to us, and we will serve all your travel needs. Strategic Area Pool. The location of our pool located in Jalan Raya Bogor no 4G Rambutan, Ciracas, East Jakarta (Next to the Pasar Rebo KPP). Locations pool we were on the road Raya Bogor 4G. Just 2 minutes into the Door Access Highway Pasar Rebo. Within minutes of our car fleet will soon come to your location when traffic conditions are not jammed. All the facilities and service that we provide to the satisfaction of the customer, because customer satisfaction is our happiness. Try to hear what they said about us. The following customer testimonials we have proved it. So do not hesitate with what we say, all based on real facts. In addition to individual customers, our customers are well-known corporat great reputation both in the country or abroad. You can see in the gallery below some corporate logo which already use our services.   If you are browsing from your Smartphone directly simply click the button