Puncak is a mountainous tourist area that is included in the district of Bogor and Cianjur, West Java Province. Located 70 km south of Jakarta makes Puncak become a favorite recreation population. Puncak region is situated at the foot of the slopes of the mountains and Gede Pangrango and most are part of the National Park neighborhood Gede Pangrango. This area is well known as a mountain tourist area for both domestic and foreign tourists. Peak region known as a resort for residents of Jakarta coolness and natural beauty, as well as a tea plantation region built the Dutch colonial government which is now a tea plantation owned by PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII Gunung Mas. Many tourist destinations at the top that you can visit, such as the Flower Garden, Wildlife Safari, etc. To reach the summit did not take long. If traffic is not jammed you can travel to the summit is only about 2 hours away. The trip will be more comfortable if you go in a group can be more lively, is also cheaper in the budget. And if you travel Trip and his entourage of about 12 to 15 people, you can use the car Hyundai H1, Hiace or Elf. When the group of about 12 people we suggest you to rent hyundai h1 from Jakarta to Puncak, whereas when 12 people over the lease or rent Hiace from Jakarta to Puncak more we suggest, or you rent Elf from Jakarta to Puncak for a larger group again. If you need a rental car from Jakarta to Puncak please contact us at 081-1102-519, our customer service will give you the best price for your group. If we have not picked up the phone you can reach us via SMS, Whasapp, Line or Telegram our customer service will contact you immediately. To see the collection of our fleet you can click here, and to know the price of a car rental from Jakarta to Puncak you can also click here or click on the button below price: Please contact us and enjoy our services during the trip such as: Free wifi for trip The suspension and the car’s performance is always excellent The drivers were very understanding terrain. We wait for your telphone now.